It Begins with You!

Are you ready to make a positive difference in preparing children for deeply rewarding lives? As parents and educators, we need to help children thrive by teaching them how to think, reflect and make wiser, valid choices to solve problems.

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How do we Nurture Thinking Minds?

Learning to Nurture Thinking Minds means understanding how to develop and teach deeper thinking to beginners. This process must first be understood in principle by parents and teachers before implementing it in our homes and classrooms. We must choose to eradicate bias and unproven whims from our lives and model focused, analytical problem-solving skills. The quality of one’s thoughts determines the quality of one’s life. You become what you think. We need to create an environment for deeper thinking from the earliest age.

What is the Key? It is resolving to learn HOW to ask essential questions, requiring deeper thinking, to discover Solutions.

Become a Solutionary: One who Empowers Minds to become a part of Solutions

How Can You Capture and Build Your Child’s Natural Inquisitiveness?

From their first word to age 5, children’s natural inquisitiveness drops to 40%. Inquisitiveness should thrive, not wane. What can be done to prevent this decline? As a fundamental aspect of learning, inquisitiveness can foster the deeper thinking skills that help children become successful adults.

This FREE guide will teach you:
  • How experiential learning can replace telling/demanding
  • How to use quality questions to drive deeper thinking
  • How mistakes can be used for creative learning 
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Can Parenting Become More Rewarding?

Raising children is our most important job. Do you agree that teaching your child how to think better should be one of your TOP priorities? You are your child’s first teacher, having the initial and greatest influence in their development. Would you and your child benefit from some help? Our programs provide practical techniques that help you guide learning, while achieving, respectful, healthy relationships with your children that foster their full potential.

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Would You Like to Become a More Influential Educator?

As teachers, it is now even more vital that we challenge and better educate even our youngest learners to apply their new found knowledge to problems in order to develop solutions. Our role is to support this critical thinking process with questions for edification, clarification and validation. This program provides the skills and practical techniques that foster responsibility and character, while delivering immediate, positive effects on our students and schools.

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