Studies have proven that children aren’t learning
when being told what to do or memorizing answers.

Learning comes from experience—when we engage children by asking questions, guiding them to wise choices, and allowing them to find solutions.

It’s time to Nurture Thinking Minds
and help children create deeply rewarding lives.

Parenting is our most important job. However, we face busy schedules and limited time for guiding our children each day. How can we most effectively use our time and energy to create a life-style of significant and relevant learning?

We must P.R.E.P.A.R.E. ourselves and our children for success.

Parenting and teaching skills are not inherent; they must be learned and then cultivated over time. This is how you create an environment where your child can thrive—by modeling the very behaviors and deeper thinking you want them to learn.

This course is designed to provide the developmental parenting skills you need to guide your children towards success during the interactions you already share with them each day. Any parent can apply these techniques in their homes and see the difference it makes for both you and your child—not only reducing stress and friction, but encouraging your child to explore and understand the world around them.

The 7 Keys to Stimulating Deeper Thinking
and Encouraging Essential Questions

Know Your Purpose: As a parent and your child’s first teacher, having a purpose guides your actions and speech, as well as how you choose to devote your limited time and resources. In this first course module, we’ll answer the essential questions for understanding your purpose and learn how to use it as a compass for your behaviors.

Invite and Inspire Engaging Learning: It is important to create a co-operative, mutually respectful environment for your child as children can only learn what is offered in their environments. In this second course module, you’ll explore how to become a coach for your child, allowing them to discover and ask questions, listening and showing value for their contributions, and sharing family responsibilities with them.

Become a Role Model: Children learn more from our actions than our words. In this third course module, you will understand how your personal commitment to learning influences your child’s enjoyment in learning. We’ll explore ways you can show this commitment to learning by engaging in your own, and valuing your child’s, learning activities.

Teach Basic Skills: In this fourth course module, we’ll explore how you can set your child up for success by encouraging the basic skills that help them take on new challenges and use their previous experiences as lessons that can guide current choices.

Encourage and Nurture Natural Inquisitiveness: Children are born learning, but their natural inquisitiveness is nearly shut down by age 5. In this fifth course module, we’ll learn why this happens and what you can do to keep their natural inquisitiveness thriving for life.

Teach with Questions: Questions engage the mind and promote thinking. In this sixth course module, we’ll discuss how questions teach children to evaluate and validate their understanding at a deeper level.  You’ll learn how to encourage questions through asking essential questions and developing your child’s thinking mind.

Learn through Mistakes: It is time to remove the stigma of mistakes and fear of failure for ourselves and our children. In this seventh course module, you’ll discover how to turn mistakes into valuable learning opportunities for your child. By inviting and allowing learning for your child during these moments, you’ll be creating an environment that opens them up to taking on new and exciting challenges for life.

Interactive, Experiential Learning
Engages Your Child’s Untapped Potential

As parents, we want the best for our children and hope for their successful futures. It is in our power to make this dream a reality. By encouraging interactive, experiential learning at every opportunity, we are creating the conditions that allow our child’s talents and full potential to blossom.

When we keep them engaged in learning, showing them the value in asking essential questions, we are providing them the tools to ensure a successful future that is filled with unlimited opportunity.

By joining this course, you are making an investment in yourself and in your child’s future.

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