We are born to learn.

Everything we do as newborns and toddlers is learning. There is no agenda, no fear of failing. Within our young innocence, learning becomes our first job and we approach it with great willingness and excitement.

Research shows that by first grade the majority of children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to learn has diminished greatly. As parents and educators, shouldn’t we be asking—what happened?

Please pause here and see if you agree!

Most adults (and most of our children) are overwhelmed and realize that life has grown ever busier and more complex. We try to do more in less time (multi-tasking).  This is leaving us short on the necessary focus time and energy for our children. As parents, we apparently take new learning for granted; no longer providing the positive family reinforcement and caring attitude once provided. Perhaps, in the innocent process of learning the child makes a mistake, and out of our frustration, we too quickly rush to reprimand or punish, for not doing what we expected.

When a young toddler spills his cup, instead of losing our composure, ridiculing or punishing him and hurriedly cleaning up the mess, what if we took time and created an opportunity to learn?  What if we guide the child to find the SOLUTION by teaching him how to clean it up?

Improving learning takes more time. How will you make it a priority?
Every moment is an opportunity to encourage children in the process of learning by:
  • Calmly addressing their questions and concerns while reassuring it is OK to ask more
  • Teaching them core concepts, abilities and skills
  • Using adult tone and language to explain the world around them
  • Noticing what catches their interests and engaging them in discussion on the matter
  • Becoming a role model and learning new things ourselves, even when we have to struggle

At Solutionary Insights, it is our goal to inspire all parents and influential adults to view every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow.

The old teaching and parenting model involves telling children what to do or supplying them with answers to memorize. Let’s replace that with a cycle where teaching leads to thinking and experience followed by wise actions based on those thoughts, resulting in Solutions that yield long-lasting positive change.

Let’s give learning a new meaning together!

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