To know is to grow.

It is time that we stop telling children to think and actually teach them how. We are here to provide you the Solutionary Insights to help Nurture Thinking Minds and beautiful hearts.

When our country was founded, each person was needed to contribute his best ideas for survival and innovation. As time progressed, we started to see society shift into one based on “do as you are told.” The focus of education shifted from experiential learning to fact memorization. Tests began to express our memorizing skill more than our understanding and experience.

Parents today are facing unique challenges, while struggling with more exhaustion, frustration and doubt than any generation past. It is faster and easier to just tell children what to do, but this results in arguments, anger or avoidance. As a parent, our worries and fears are escalated.

How can we begin to help our children be wise, a joy to be around and capable of making life’s tough choices in a future we cannot predict?
  • We learn the simple, relevant steps to nurture thinking minds.
  • We become better thinkers and family leaders, ourselves.
  • We bring the excitement of learning into our homes and classrooms.
  • We capture and develop their natural desire to learn.
  • We teach them to think and solve problems.
  • We positively engage their minds, encouraging better behavior and respect.
  • We build their confidence to meet new challenges through past experiences.
  • We teach accountability by role modeling responsibility.
  • We help them see the benefits of their wise choices.

Our training programs are designed to give parents and educators the valuable tools necessary to achieve all of these goals and more.

They will help regardless of education, religious and social levels by teaching and implementing methods that provide positive direction for parents, educators, and children.

Let’s work together to make learning a rewarding lifestyle from age zero to adult!

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